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    Modalities, Certifications and Affiliations

    Swedish Massage  (lic: MT014649)

    Chair Massage

    Sports Massage

    Medical Massage


    Level 2 practitioner Raku Kei Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki



    Cupping Therapy

    Trigger point therapy

    Myofascial Release

    Pregnancy and postpartem Massage




    Saul Tamaren


            Saul is the Owner and head Massage Therapist for Analgia Massage Therapy Group.  He has been licensed for 18 years in the state of Texas and specializes in Medical Massage Therapy. Saul has studied and incorporates a variety of therapy styles to provide the best therapy for you. He first discovered massage therapy during his late teens while studying the martial arts.  After being injured  during a complex move, the instructor asked him to go sit in his therapy room instead of going to the hospital. The instructor used massage therapy to fix the injury. Ultimately his passion for the martial art ended up leading to his life long passion for helping people.  


    Our Philosophy

    Our mission is to help all of our clients live a life that is pain free. “Helping you on your path to living pain free” is accomplished through partnering Massage Therapy with other alternative healthcare providers such as Chiropractors, Reiki practitioners and Acupuncturists. 

    When we discuss how to improve your wellness, we follow a holistic “mind, body and spirit” philosophy.  Many Massage Therapists use the “No pain, no gain” mentality by focusing solely on the body which can result in too much deep tissue pressure which can cause intense pain, bruising and damage muscle tissue.  This causes stress not only in the body, but the spirit and mind as well which can delay the healing process.   

    By using gentle muscle reeducation therapy combined with stretching and eventually deep tissue techniques you aren't anticipating pain; the mind relaxes and can start producing pain and stress reducing endorphins.  The mind, body and spirit are in harmony and the healing process begins.


    Analgia Massage Therapy